Recap - Our Custom System VS Stock Units Custom Stock
Uses a custom template for exact curvature and shape of YOUR balding area? Yes ! No !
Different base material - Mono, Lace, Skin, PE line or blended? Yes ! No !
Combine two or more different base materials into one base? Yes ! No !
Variable base construction for you to choose to meet your lifestyle? Yes ! No !
Perfect color match to your growing hair? Yes ! No !
Add grey hair in different areas or blend grey evenly in whole unit? Yes ! No !
Add highlights evenly or make them in spot (Streaks/Chunks)? Yes ! No !
Able to select the proper age related density that's right for you Yes ! No !
Change density in different areas (Ex. lighter in crown area) Yes ! No !
Different front recession degrees for the most natural look Yes ! No !
Choose different hair length in different areas* Yes ! No !
Select the amount of wave and change in different areas Yes ! No !
Specify where you part your hair and how the hair flows Yes ! No !
Make bleached knots to create the invisible and undetectable hairline? Yes ! No !
Enable you to choose the base material color(Ex. Skin color, brown, or even black)? Yes ! No !
Delivery in a few days No ! Yes !
Invisible Hair Line,Undetectable System Sure ! No Way !
Equal to systems costing hundreds more Yes ! No !
Satisfaction Guarantee Sure ! ?

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