Custom hair replacement orders:

We guarantee your full satisfaction, without question. If there is a problem, we will fix it. If the item we send you does not match your specifications, we shall be happy to send you a replacement. If you have come to us after being a customer with another company, and you find that your first Hairstup has, for example, a different density, we will do everything within our means to get it right. But if need be, your money-back guarantee is always there.

For ready-made hairpieces and accessories, please refer to our Return Policy page for our terms of sales.


If you change your mind regarding your requirement after we have completed a custom order exactly to your specifications, we can make adjustments and modifications to the extent that these are technically feasible. However, we cannot offer you a free replacement due to your change in preference or your providing erroneous information because our trade margins are slim. What we can do for you if adjustments to the item are not practicable is to offer you a new item at a reasonable discount

If a Hairsetup item suffers accidental damage that cannot be repaired, such damage will, of course, lie outside of our guarantee. However, we understand that accidents do happen and, under such unfortunate circumstances, we would be prepared to offer you a discount on your purchase of a replacement.

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