Accessories (glue, tape, cleaners etc.)

Hairsetup sells various accessories related to hairpieces (adhesives, tapes, etc.) for the convenience of our clients. However, we are not the manufacturer of these products. Hence, regretfully, we are not in a position to accept returns and we cannot offer refunds for purchased items that you find unsuitable. This policy holds regardless of whether the products concerned are opened or unopened, used or partially used. For reasons of safety, returned goods are treated like returned medical supplies; they are destroyed. We are aware that various products that work well for one client many not be suited for another. We do encourage our clients try out new products, but that would be at their own risk.

Of course, this policy which applies to hairpiece accessories does not invalidate the guarantee for our hairpieces.

We accept returns of ready-made hairpieces under the following conditions.

The unused item must be in an as-new condition. It must not be cut, trimmed, dyed, bleached or otherwise altered.

Note to smokers: Please do not smoke when you pack or unpack the item because hair picks up even traces of smoke odour that smokers themselves may be unaware of. Many non-smokers can detect such odour that they find objectionable.


We accept returns of unused Custom-Made hairpieces to send you a replacement. This applies even for defect-free items made to the client’s requested specifications. Despite our slim margins, we shall uphold our guarantee of your full satisfaction. We only ask that you give our product a fair chance before you seek for replacement. We treat our clients fairly and, in return, we are pleased we have always experienced the same fair treatment from our clients.

This return policy does not of course extend to used items. We shall be very pleased to help you select your next replacement item.

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